Hi, I'm Christian Mengele, a California-based artist now stranded in Seattle. I have taken down my online presence and anyone posing as me on Facebook is an impostor. So please keep that in mind.

Due to family commitments I don't intend to update this website, but I thought I should let folks know there are people out there pretending to be me. Well, they aren't. Back in the Summer of 2017 I wrote an angry letter to FB over privacy concerns. Then I thought, what the heck am I doing there anyway? So I closed my account, and so should you. ;-)

I kind of blanked my Twitter too. I have nothing to Tweet and it occurred to me, I'm an adult. Why am I on something called a "Twitter"? Why is anyone? It doesn't make sense.

I had some videos on YouTube. I thought, you know, I think a million views is enough. The Golden Age of vlogging has been dead for a while and the community is gone. So I deleted that.

But this site I'm keeping. ;-) Even if just to say, "Hello, I must be going".

As of November 2021 I can be found on social media again. You can find me on Gab, the only social media site that actually respects free speech.


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